BBM makes its own spindles in America

BBM makes its own spindles in America

At Better Built Machines, when we say, “Made in America,” we mean it.

Right down to the most essential component of a stone router— it’s spindle.

Powered by decades of experience, BBM makes its own spindles in Shelbyville, KY.

Improving durability with a more robust spindle design

BBM is the only American manufacturer of CNC stone routers to make its own spindles.

“Originally, we were importing them from Italy, but due to supplier issues, we decided to build them in-house, to cut down lead times, control costs, improve quality and implement our design changes that needed to happen,” said BBM Founder & CEO Bryan Johnson.

In designing its own spindle, BBM built one that exceeds durability standards.

The spindle is the most critical component on a CNC stone router.

A stronger spindle helps eliminate premature wear and downtime on your machine.

“Spindle issues are very predominant in the stone industry— you’re cutting very solid materials and crashes happen,” said Johnson.

“Our spindles are an upscale design with large bearings, and have a very unique pressurization system that keeps contamination out, allowing the spindle to last longer. To the fabricator, this means longer run time and less replacement costs.”

Building the BBM spindle

The spindle begins at about 200 lbs. of raw, stainless steel.

Machines mold the stainless steel into the shape of a spindle, before undergo refinement and precise calibration.

The real magic happens in the BBM Clean Room— a contaminant-free and climate-controlled space where spindles are assembled, by hand, and tested for quality and precision.

BBM’s team of experts don’t mess around when it comes to creating products optimized for superior performance.

BBM’s machines really are built better, right here in America.

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