Stone fabricators need this CNC machine

Stone fabricators need this CNC machine

Increase profits with faster production, more precise cuts and durable machinery.

BBM Machine designed a CNC stone router engineered for precision, strength and performance.

The PALADIN is manufactured in America at BBM Machine— a company that knows the stone cutting industry and what it takes to produce quality stone products. 

Stone fabricators need fast-moving machinery that makes meticulous cuts, and technology that maximizes profits.

The PALADIN does all of that and more.

It’s a CNC stone cutting machine unlike any other. 

An investment a PALADIN is an investment in a heavy duty machine that will last.

The PALADIN weighs 24,000 pounds, has a rock solid monoblock welded-steel frame foundation, 1 1/2 inch thick aluminum table and massive bearings for a smoother finish.

It’s outfitted with a 20 horse-power belt drive spindle, 14 feet by 8 feet cutting table and direct drive Z-axis for movement up and down. 

High quality precision ball screws and an overhead part alignment laser ensure accuracy and eliminate error. 

An automatic splash curtain and bellow covers help stretch the life of your machine by safeguarding from wear and tear of water and debris.

BBM Machine understands how important it is to keep your crew safe, that’s why The PALADIN has a smart emergency stop control system. 

Not only is this machinery smart, but easy to use, because BBM believes programming doesn’t have to be complicated. 

The machine’s alphacam technology does the hard work for you, converting drawings into code.

Project planning takes place on a 21 inch wide touchscreen display where you can program repetitive actions to be enabled with one touch of the screen.

Programming your machine is not only easy, but convenient. 

You can do it from anywhere. 

No need to be with your PALADIN for programming.

If you do run into any issues, you’ll never be on your own. 

Free technical support is part of the deal.

You not only get a machine with your purchase, but a team of experts supporting you, because at your success matters to BBM Machine.

BBM not only builds strong relationships with its customers, but machines that adapt to their needs.

The PALADIN’s ergonomic operator station can be positioned to the left of right of the machine to better fit your shop’s needs.

It also comes with a bigger toolbox that holds 44 tools for easy access.

Last, but not least— The PALADIN is equipped with the industry gold standard FANUC CNC control system, which is globally recognized for high reliability, high precision, high speed and simple operation. 

Learn more about The PALADIN here and buy yours today.

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