CNC machinery can significantly benefit your business

CNC machinery can significantly benefit your business

Many are familiar with 3D printing, in which a machine builds objects, layer by layer. 

3D printers fall into the category of additive machine manufacturing, whereas computer numerical control (CNC) machines perform subtractive machine manufacturing. 

CNC machines cut away sections of material, such as stone or metal, to create a finished product. 

These machines are especially useful in stone and metal fabrication. 

First, they help save on labor. Other manufacturing methods require more people. 

Second, CNC machines churn out products fast, without jeopardizing quality. 

Third, they make meticulous cuts with impeccable precision, reducing error and waste. 

The only machine comparable in precision is a 3D printer, because both 3D printers and CNC machines utilize computer-aided interface to guide production. 

The way it works— a computer reads specific routing instructions in the form of code, also known as a G-code. 

Coding this software requires a special skillset, but BBM Machine does the hard work for you.

BBM’s CNC stone router, The PALADIN, converts drawings to code so you don’t have to. 

Thinking about buying a CNC machine for your shop?

Consider The Paladin— an easy-to-use machine that’s fast-moving, durable and makes precise cuts. 

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